We are ambassadors of Christ wherever we go. There are so many hurting people out in the world. They don’t even know why they are hurting. They are angry and don’t know why. The world as a whole needs peace, the peace of Christ. You can’t preach it to them, they are more in need of the message given to them in our actions than our eloquent words. People don’t want to be told that God is good, they want to see that God is good. They want to see our words come alive through our living. The world is looking for Jesus to show up in person. They are totally correct for wanting Him to actively show His face.

Bodacious! Yes, we live in a world that is bold. They aren’t naive, they have come of age. They are tired of sheep in wolf clothing. They want to see the real Jesus stand up. We are the real Jesus while we awaits His return. We have to give Him access to our minds, our hearts, our hands, and our feet. Will we let Him love through us? Will we let Him touch a heart and body through us? Will we allow Him to heal a broken body through us? Will we allow Jesus to be Himself through us? That is the only way that the world will see Jesus come alive. We must relinquish control of ourselves to Him so that He can heal the world through us.