Faith is always in action, never passively waiting. We don’t just believe God for one thing and then doubt Him for other things. We don’t just believe and sit back and wait to see what God will do next. We will have to keep seeking and and knocking, searching and listening for His voice. His voice is heard by those who spend quality time in communion with Him. Its like knowing a spouse, the more quality time we spend with them is the more we understand them. Having faith in God is necessary for us to please Him. Without faith we cannot please God.

Having faith requires us to dedicate time to be with the Lord. He desires the best that we have to give, not the leftovers. God desires quality time, not just quantity time. We know that we can spend a lot of time with friends and feel like we wasted our time. God wants to spend time with us as He did with our Savior and with Adam. When we learn to hear His voice and know it, we won,t mistake it for the enemy. Sometimes the enemy’s voice sounds so authentic but it goes against what the Word of God says. God’s children knows His voice really well.

Faith come when we are in tune with the Lord and we only seek what is in line with His Word. When we learn to pray in line with the Word of God, He hears us and He answers our requests. It still requires us to wait on Him because His timing is always accurate. He sees the present and the future and He knows the past. He makes sure that what He blesses us with is the best for us. He still works behind the scene making sure that the unseen part of His plan is in action. That is why He say that we aren’t to be anxious for anything but to be in prayer and supplication.

We have to be ready when He says to move. God knows when it is the best time for our action. Many times He tells us to move but we don’t see where we are going and we start doubting. He ill never leave us or forsake us. If He says to step, it means that He has His hand right there to receive us. We just have to trust Him. We must leave our lives in His control and give Him freedom to do creatively what He desires to do. We should not take back control when we don’t understand what He is doing. He is well capable to keep that which we have committed to Him. He wants our best.