God created us to grow and keep on maturing, never reaching perfection but approaching excellence. This year is a new canvas for us to paint our finest work that we can. There are no limitation placed on us, only the one that we set for ourselves. We are our greatest critic. This year is a year of stepping out of our own way. Make a promise to yourself that you will listen only to the Word of God for counsel, never to any negative, whether from our self or others.

The scripture says that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. That is all we need to know, God strengthens us to take on any task that presents itself. I pray that we will prosper and have excellent health. We belong to God and He says He will never leave us or forsakes us. What greater promise can any one give to another, Christ gave it to us and He sealed it with His blood. Take this year and make it work for you in the Lord.