The Lord provides ample opportunities for us to receive help but many time we are too proud to receive it. We say things like “we are OK”, “things couldn’t be any better”, knowing honestly that things aren’t good. Could it be that the Lord was sending that person to help but our attitude turned them off? The Lord takes care of our needs but sometimes He wants to teach us humility by bringing that help through an unfamiliar source. We have to remain open to God’s movement in our lives. He is far wiser and He abounds with unsearchable His actions. He is past finding out or figuring out. God is a mystery in all that He does but when we are open to His movement, He familiarizes Himself with us.

God will become a close friend and because of our reading and studying, we will understand through His Holy Spirit what He will do and what He will not. God makes Himself a friend to those who want Him as a friend. Sometimes we have to humble our egos and ask Him for help. Its not a bother to Him. He says to knock and seek and we will find and the door will be open. He says that He will not give us a serpent if we ask for a fish. God will come through for us but He will not deny His nature and cause more harm with what He allows. He will always be right on time because there are no emergencies with God. He will always find the best help for us, all we have to do is ask Him and not doubt that He will give us what we ask for. When our requests are in  alignment with His word, He will bless us in ways that we never anticipated.

God loves us and He always wants the best for us. He is always in our corner and He will be our strength as we wait on Him for our answer. Sometimes what we consider an emergency is NOT! God knows and He will be right on time, just learn to trust Him. He is worthy of all our trust. He has never failed.