Sometimes we go through times when nothing seems to go right for us. Its not that we are living an unsaved lifestyle but God knows us better than anyone. He knows when there are things in us that are contaminating our relationship with Him or He needs us to grow stronger and more mature in Him. Many of us have lived safe lives that does not leave God any choice but to shake us up.

The potter has total authority over the clay that he is molding but if the clay is too hard for him to form, he has to break it and mold it again. God does the same thing with us. When we are going through the process of being broken, it hurts. Sometimes we feel as if we are about to die. God knows every thing about us, He knows how far to stretch us. We may not think that He is with you at those times but He is right there by our sides. He just wants us to trust Him. He knows what we need to complete that process. He only desires our best. Just be patient and seek the Lord for direction.