Life is tough but God is able to take us through. How much will you take before you quit on your God. When everything is going out of control and your not in control any longer, will you tell God it is enough. How about when you’ve prayed for healing for a long time, or you’ve prayed for healing for a close relative or friend but they don’t get healed. Will that do it for your faith? What about when you have prayed for a spouse because life just gets so lonely at times and you have almost reached the end of your child baring years but your prayers have not been answered. Will that do it for your faith? How about you praying for a financial breakthrough because your bills have caught up with you and your credit is being ruined. Will that do for your faith?

What is your quitting point? The Bible said that all those who decide to live for Christ will suffer persecution. Could it be that God just wants you to see what you’re made of. Sometimes we think that we have reached our limit but God wants to show us that we can go farther than we think. He wants to stretch us to a new level but the process hurts because we resist the unknown. All of us have to go through this process of growth. Some people choose not to and they fight the process and never really grow and others just reach the point where it became too hard and they quit.

God is our trainer and He knows all of our limits. He knows how far He can stretch us and He knows those who will stick it out till the end. He has given us all that we need to make it through this time of training. He is preparing us for war. If we are unprepared, there will be no time to get prepared when we face the enemy. He has no mercy. He desires to kill us or render us spiritual cripples, unusable by God. The war is in full swing and we are being trained with every challenge we face. They are designed to strengthen our faith so that we can fight another day. Let us count it all joy when we when we face these challenges because we are more than conquerors.