God has given us abilities that He has never put a limit on. He has blessed us with “potential” to be and do anything that we desire to be and do. We are the only ones that are stopping us. An atom has a potential to create massive destruction but it is only a potential, without the right process, it will only have the potential. We are the same, God never puts a governor on us, we are the ones who have limited our dreams. We allow the enemy to stifle our creativity and lie to us about what we can or cannot do. God is always giving us the enthusiasm and motivation to strive for excellence. We will never know where our maximum potential is until we set it. God is unlimited and He has created His children to have unlimited potential.

The only one that is hindering us from being our best is us. What could we do if there were no boundaries and unlimited possibilities? Anything that we put our minds to. When we partner with God, He will direct us in the path where we will receive the best return on our investment.