God is awesome and wonderful. He does so many things in our lives on a daily basis that we could never count them all. We as fallen humans look for what we didn’t get or what prayer He didn’t answer. It is amazing that we don’t thank Him for the prayers that He did answer. He never stops working on our behalf, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He takes care of things that we don’t even know to ask Him for. He protects us from dangers that we cannot see. He keeps our minds from being overwhelmed by the enemy. There are so many things that God does that we could never number them because we would have to be Him to know all that He does. 

Every day when we are blessed to receive a fresh new day to live and breathe, we are to get on our knees before doing anything else for the day and give God thanks for allowing us this awesome blessing. Without life, nothing else would matter for the rest of the day. Getting your coffee, your breakfast, your shower, your clothing, getting to work, all that would never be possible without the first breath of the day. We are to give thanks as the first effort that we put forth for the day. God is worthy.

Most of us start thinking about what we are going to wear and all the other things that we need to get and on and on. We are to thank God for the clothing that we have in our closets, the shoes that we have on our feet and more importantly, feet to put the shoe on. God is great! We have so many things to give Him thanks for.

If we only start counting our blessings as we awake in the morning, we would have to start praising God. There would be no ending of our praise. He deserves the praises. We would complain less about everything in our lives because we would see no need for complaining, just enumerable reasons to give God thanks for all that He has done. God is our provider but He deserve appreciation for what He has done and what He is doing in our lives, and what He will do. Please don’t take Him for granted.