The scripture says to “trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding and to acknowledge Him and He will direct our path.” He never lies nor can He lie, He is totally accountable for all His words. Nothing present or in the future can change His word. The universe hinges on His word. We can trust God’s word. We can see God’s word come alive in Jesus Christ. Our Lord is capable of taking care of us in all situations. 

Sometimes it may seem that He is missing in action but He is right there by our sides. He allows us the freedom to depend on Him or to try to live independent of Him. He loves us so much that he will give us our freedom to make our own choices even when we are stubborn and disobedient. Sometimes we take control after giving Him control, thinking that we can do better or faster than how God is doing things but He gives us our freedom to choose. He sometimes steps in and stops us because He loves us and He knows our choices would cause serious harm.

God is reliable and we can trust Him totally. We don’t need to micromanage God, He can do what we don’t know how to do. He sees the whole picture. Trusting God is necessary to build our faith in Him. We have to believe that He will “keep that which we have committed unto Him.” We also have to believe deep in our hearts that He truly wants the best for our lives. The enemy will try to convince us that God doesn’t care but that is another lie that we have to resist. God loves us more that we can ever comprehend. We don’t have the capacity to understand how much He loves us.

When we study His word and get it deep inside of us, His word will purge our doubts and fears. His word will show us that He has done it for others and He can do it for us. Our God is able. He is capable of way more than what we can imagine but He works because of our faith. Our faith in Him causes Him to move mountains for us. Our impossibilities are God’s opportunity to show us what He will do for us when we trust Him. He truly cares for us, believe that and you will stand any test of your faith.