Yes there is! When we learn to forgive, we are freed up and a burden falls off our backs. For some people their health gets better and their relationships are transformed. For many of us we’ll start seeing our prayers answered. Sometimes we think that we don’t need to forgive because we have been wronged but if you really thing about it, you’ll see that we carry the burden more than the other person. Sometimes the other person have not a clue that they did us wrong. While we carry them around with us and that can become heavy if malice enters the picture. Just learn to forgive and life will become less complicated and you will see how much better you will feel.

God is our Lord and He does not tolerate lack of forgiveness because He knows how it can become like an abscess that becomes a tumor and eventually a cancer that spreads. He will give you the strength to forgive if you allow Him access to your hurt. God can transform lives when He is allowed to perform His operation. All He asks from us is to forgive one another and He will  do the rest of the healing. He will do what He alone can do. He is our Healer.