When is the last time we spent some quality time alone with the Lord? As much as it feels great spending time with our brothers and sisters in the presence of the Lord, He still wants to spend time with us individually. Look at Christ, He always went away alone to be with His Father. In marriage, if you don’t spend quality alone time with your spouse, it won’t work. We have to take time out of our busy schedules and invest some time with the Lord alone. There are things that He will speak into our spirits that we will never get in a crowd. He will take us places inside ourselves that we haven’t visited before or we’ve been hiding from. He will tear down strongholds and cultivate a stronger relationship with us.

Some of us are afraid to be alone. We have to have the radio or TV on or we have to be on the phone or internet. We have to learn to be comfortable with ourselves and with God. What are we hiding from? We have to figure that out for ourselves. God desires us to love ourselves as He loves us. He will teach us how to love ourselves when we invest quality time with Him. God deserve prime time not leftover time. God is loving and kind and He only wants the best for us. Let us learn to give God some quality time to minister to our souls. He loves us more than we will ever know.