It is a challenge to be a patient individual. It feels at times like everything is an emergency and we are in a race to get to some place important in a hurry. We hurry people along and sometimes get angry in our vehicles because they aren’t moving as fast as we want them to move. When we finally get to our destination, we are frustrated and upset at everyone. We get stressed out and develop bad health because of our lack of patience. Was it worth it to allow everything to become an “emergency” in our lives? If we could think about our life in retrospect, was it worth the frustration to loose our cool? Was it worth it to look bad before others? Was it worth it to be stressed out?

The Bible teaches us to “be anxious for nothing but in all things by prayer… .” If you have observed God throughout the Bible, you realize that there are no emergencies for Him. God is very organized and so His timing is always perfect. We need to take that example and capitalize on it. We need to learn His patience by studying Him and how He responds to every situation. He never reacts because He thought about every situation in advance. Since we aren’t God and we don’t know all things, we have to depend on Him to guide us into a life of patience. It is worth all the discomfort in our efforts to learn how to be patient.