Loving God starts from loving ourselves. If we cannot love ourselves who we are with 24/7, how can we say we love God, who we have never seen. We have to appreciate our self and give our self a break. We have to learn to give our self the benefit of the doubt and stop being over critical. We have to learn to forgive ourselves when God forgives us. Sometimes we are our worst enemies. We put our self down the most. Many times we don’t even want to look in the mirror and love on ourselves.

When is the last time you have taken time out to show love to yourself? When is the last time you pampered yourself? Until we learn to appreciate the gift of life that God has given to us in our self, we will never know how to love God. Loving our self does not mean giving our fleshly desires control. It means that we love our self enough to live the best life that we possibly can with the help of God’s Holy Spirit. We can say that we love Him but we will never truly be able to show Him love genuinely without loving what He loves, us!