Many times we think that we have to be so formal when we talk to God. Think about the type of people that we usually get formal with. Usually its people we don’t know, people we want to impress, or people who we respect but don’t know well. Some of us do that with parents who we respect but most of the time they aren’t very close to us. If we try to be formal with a close friend or relative, they would begin to wonder if there was something wrong with us.

God is closer than the closest friend. He is kind and compassionate. He loves without limits. He forgives so easily even though He knows our hearts and all our secrets. He is patient and waits on us. He even allows us choices when we insist on doing life our way. He is the perfect Gentleman, He never barges into our lives. He knocks at the door of our heart and request entry. He watches over us and comforts us in the darkest times of our lives. He laughs with us and smiles with us. He blesses us when we don’t expect it. He carries us when we don’t know how to do life on our own. He is a true friend.

So why is it that when we talk with Him, we act as if He is a stranger or some unknown person. Can you imagine how He feels when we come to Him as if He is a stranger. It must hurt Him to hear our conversation. He desires to walk with us as He did with Adam in the garden. He wants a close relationship with us as we have with our best friend. You know how you freely share with your best friend all your deepest thoughts. He want to have a relationship with us as we have with our diaries. He wants to hear the real you and me. God is our friend and He deserves the best you and me that we can give Him.

Why is it that we feel that He is so far away when He is closer to you than the clothing that you have on. What will it do to us if we yield ourselves to God and make friends with Him. The reason why He loved David so much, despite all his faults, is because David was friends with God. He counted this friendship as everything. He invested a lot of time in fellowship with his best friend, the Lord of Host. Even when he failed, it broke his heart because he knew that it hurt the Lord. He always went back and submitted to the Lord. He was humble and he knew that he was a human with sinful tendencies. God loved David and He called him a friend.

We can be friends of God when we humble ourselves before Him. We have to learn to humble our selves and repent of sins that we yielded to. We have to recognize that we will fail, that is not the bad part but not repenting and not turning is the problem. Never allow a failure to cause you to break fellowship with your best friend. He knew that you were going to fail before you did but He is waiting for you to yield your ego and repent and come back into fellowship with Him. God loves us and He knows us better than we know ourselves. Nothing surprises Him. He wants us to repent, turn and forgive ourselves because He forgives us.

God is HUGE but yet He lives in our hearts. Give Him the opportunity to become friends with you. Leave the formalities at the door. Nothing that you do or say will ever impress Him. He looks at our heart and He wants genuine fellowship with us. Stop the fake, phony, prayers. Let your guards down and prostrate yourself before Him and let Him hear the true you. He loves the real messed up, imperfect, in-eloquent, person that we are. He never criticizes nor is He judgmental. He says come as you are and He will work with the genuine you that you give Him. Talk to Him as you do your best friend, He never gossips about what you tell Him in confidence.