Have you ever reached the end of your faith? At least you think so. What about feeling that God has overlooked you time and time again. Well, He hasn’t but because He operates on His time schedule, it may seem that way. God has heard your innermost cries and He has heard your request. All the scriptures that tell us that He will answer our request is true. God is never short concerning His promises. He is never limited. He never needs to ask for help. He is the sole supplier of all things and this world exist because He holds it all together with His Word.

God is sufficient, all powerful, all knowing, and always present. There is never a was to God, He IS always. I have proven Him for myself and even now I struggle with the temptation of impatience. In the depths of my soul, His Spirit lets me know that He will see me through. God is never late and He will bless you with what He knows is the best for you. The trial of our faith brings patience and with patience contentment in Christ as we begin to trust Him and wait on Him for direction. All that we go through will work out for our good if we can trust God through all our situations. He knows what is best for us.