We live in a time where depression and lack of close friendships are at an epidemic level. We have been hurt so many times that, allowing someone into our lives is the last thing on our minds. The thought is, if we don’t already have the friendship, its too late. That is the plan of the enemy. The enemy plans to corner us in a little box and see us die of loneliness. I once heard a wise person said that the way to get pass depression is to go out and serve someone who has no way of returning the favor.

Friends are what growing and maturing is made of. We get disappointed by them but they bring us much happiness and release. Much of our time is been consumed by the unimportant things in life and less by the presence of important people. At this point in our maturity as believers, we need to search for significance because only significant things last. Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is very significant. The only challenge we have is getting to know Him. He has left us a road map and a love letter, one to find Him and the other to keep us as we search for Him.

Jesus is madly in love with us and He has it all written down for us to read. His love is unconditional and absolutely real. The more we learn to trust His word and His direction for our life, is the more He draws closer to us. He will fill the void in our lives. He will be a true genuine friend to us but He will never force Himself unto us. If we want His friendship, we have to believe His word. Its as with any other friend, when you neglect them, the closeness goes away. Only thing, Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. He is always available to us for friendship.

The first step to having a friendship with Jesus Christ is to ask Him to come into our life and live it along side us. He will do even better than that, He will come into our hearts and love on us. The second step for us is to make knowing Him a priority. We have to read about Him from His words and what was said about Him from before He was born. Learn want is important to Him and what is unimportant to Him. The next step is to invest in talk time with Him. Give Him the best time of your day, not the time when your tired and can’t have a decent conversation. If you did that with one of your close earthly friends, how long will it take before they get turned off. Please don’t take your time with the Lord for granted, He is for real.

Treat Him with respect and be excited to spend time with the Lord. He loves it when we are excited to be with Him. Who wouldn’t be excited when someone is excited to be with us? Jesus is a good friend and He never fails but we have to maintain our relationship with Him. He will draw close to us as we draw close to Him. Look what He called David and Moses because they spent quantity and quality time with Him. He should be the first person you want to share your day with and the last person you want to end your day with. He will become a true friend to us when we develop a true friendship with Him.