For any child growing up in this world being without a father is painful. Having a mother is a great blessing but when a boy has his father active in his life, he feels complete. The same goes for anyone who don’t have their heavenly father active in their lives. You can be a Christian and not have God active in your life. You can push Him so far from you with your lifestyle that He with His holiness cannot be active in your life. Just as a child missing their father can grow up feeling that there is something missing, as Christians we face the same feelings. There will always be an emptiness that leaves us feeling empty always. God is the only one that can fill that void same as only a father could have filled that void that their absence left.

When God is active in our lives, He fills the void of any missing earthly father and He occupies any void that only He alone can fill. No one can take the place of God in his creation. He has genetically left a space for Himself inside of us that will never be filled unless we receive Him inside. As Christians we need to actively seek out our Heavenly Father and get Him involved in our lives. As unsaved people all that is necessary for Him to fill the void is to “ASK” Him to come into your heart and occupy the space that was designed in you for Him. He will come in and fill the void and take away the loneliness.

God loves us all and He want to be active in all our lives but He will never force Himself in where He isn’t welcome. He is a “Gentleman” as one of my sisters in the Lord always says. He gives us a choice to love Him or to do away with Him. He has prepared a place for us, if we choose to be with Him. Amazing isn’t it, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords wanting to be with us….wow!!!