Sometimes we are at the entrance to something great but God does not show us the path we must take. He gives us an open door and speaks to us in a still voice telling us to trust Him. He also reminds us in His word to not be anxious of anything but to proceed in prayer and supplication. He knows where we are going and He knows where to lead us.

The example that comes to my mind is of a traveler walking on a road but the road comes to the edge of a cliff. No way around but to go across or to turn around and go back. In our case God says to trust Him by stepping out on faith. Only thing is, we don’t see any place to put our foot. It takes all of the faith in us to deny our human desire to know everything and to be in control. Only thing is we have only one choice, if faith in God is our desire. God wants us to trust Him. We have to know for our selves that He wants the best for us. He is our Father who wouldn’t hurt us in any way. Why is it that we trust Him the least? Isn’t He big enough for our impossibilities? Let me know how you feel, I’d like to hear.