You’ve tried to give life all you’ve got but you haven’t seen any results. It’s like playing a basketball game, you’re in the playoff of your life and play for play the opposing team is head to head with you. Every point from you is answered by the opposing team. You pray for a “stop”, that is a stop in the opposing team’s scoring. All you need is a break so that you can get ahead. None is coming for you and so you keep playing at the same level, hoping that they will make a mistake so you can capitalize on it.

Life is like that. You are praying consistently and working hard. Your prayer to God is, Lord give me a break so that I can move ahead. You can’t let up on your dreams because you will definitely lose. You have to keep going at it even when you don’t see what is going to happen. You have to keep going when the doubts come in your mind. You have to wipe the tears from your eyes while you keep forging ahead. Even when you can’t see God or even feel His presence in your situation, you have to keep going. Even when your best friend tells you that you’re wasting your time, you have to keep going.

You have to push pass the set backs, push pass the discouragements, push pass the negative attitudes, push pass the fear, push pass yourself. Your stop is on the way. Just believe that you will make it no matter what- age you are, the color of your skin, physical ability, education level or lack there of, economic status, family background, etc. God is watching your efforts and He will honor them. Just keep going even when you don’t know how. Your STOP is on the way.