We serve a mighty God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He has many names to describe His many characteristics but He wants to be called Father by us. What is a father but our realization that He is looking for genuine sons and daughters. He is looking for individuals to talk to in a personal way with. Individuals to tell Him their joys and hopes, their dreams and failures, their hurts and disappointments. He is looking for real sons and daughters who will talk with Him one-on-one. Individuals who will walk with Him daily and share their day with Him. He is looking for a genuine friendship with His children.

Look throughout the scriptures and you will see those individuals who stands out the most, they had a genuine friendship with God. David was a man who had a true heart for God and that is why He was considered a friend of God. Look at our Savior, He had a perfect friendship with His Father. He was for real with His Father. He let His Father know when He was weak. He was never afraid to be weak before His Father. He loved on His Father.

God wants genuine friends that will talk to Him for real. Use your words and tell Him about yourself. He wants to hear from you. He yearns to hear our hearts true cry. Many of us haven’t spoken to our Father from our hearts for such a long time, He has only heard superficial talk from us, nothing from our hearts. He wants to hear from YOUR HEART today. He wants the real you to step forward and talk with Him.