“For God so loved the world that He gave..”- John 3:16

To have an attitude like the Lord is a great asset. We are glad to do things as long as we get the credit but if there is no credit to be gotten, we don’t participate. what if Christ had thought, “there is nothing in this for me so why should I give my life for these people. All they are going to do is turn around and curse me and despise me and hate me.” If He had thought like that, we would have no savior, no one to ransom us from the life of death that we were heading for.

When we deny self the gratification and sacrifice the glory for Christ, our reward on earth and in Heaven is great. Sometimes we don’t see the outcome of what we do but God allows us to witness a transformation in someone else life . Sometimes that same sacrifice is the catalyst to the start of something wonderful. When we aren’t so concern about who gets the credit, God can use our sacrifices to honor Him.