Mediocrity! Average! Passing! Just made it! Are these the words that we want to hear for our efforts? It sounds like “lukewarm” and “stagnant.” We have to be above average and over achievers in Christ. We serve an awesome Creator. He is never just anything, that is why He is God. The ultimate standard. The pinnacle of excellence. The “I Am that I Am.” God is our example to strive after. We cannot be God but we can strive after excellence in all that we do and never settle for anything less. We cannot be perfect here on earth but we can live with integrity an excellent life. We have to develop our wills to say no to mediocrity and say yes to excellence. Let our choices be without regrets. Allow our will to be forged for Godliness and holiness in everything that we do. In the end we will hear those anticipated words that we covet to hear from the Lord, “well done thou good and faithful servant.”